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Episode 149 Helicopter Check Ride Part 14 EMS Pilot Jobs
August 22, 2017 05:00 AM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 14 EMS Pilot Jobs

Episode 148 Helicopter Check Ride Part 13 Kenny's Stupid Weather Decisions
August 21, 2017 05:00 AM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 13 Kenny's Stupid Weather Decisions

Episode 147 Helicopter Check Ride Part 12 Aircraft Icing
August 20, 2017 05:00 AM PDT
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Chapter 12: Helicopter Icing

I want to give you a few examples of things I have seen over the years. The first thing one was when I was a younger pilot, a newer pilot, and we were going on a news call. They were calling for possible icing conditions later in the day. Thinking back now, I know what a stupid move I made. We get a call to go south of the city where I was flying. I am looking at the weather and thinking, “Well the icing isn’t for several hours yet. This is an accident, we will go out and shoot this accident, and we will get back in plenty of time before these icing conditions start.”

We are pulling the helicopter out and the line guy who was fueling us was also a camera operator. He had been flying for years in the helicopter, so he had a good sense of what goes on around the airport, especially with flights and different things involving aircraft. When we were pulling the helicopter out he looks at the sky, looks at me and we felt like a sprinkle or two. As he gives me a strange look, and I say, “Yeah I know, icing is not supposed to happen until later.”

Episode 146 Helicopter Check Ride Part 11 The Heli 3's
August 19, 2017 05:00 AM PDT
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Chapter 11: The Helicopter 3’s

Three Stages of a Thunderstorm

Starting off, we are going to do the three stages of a Thunderstorm. I pretty much guarantee you a 99.9% chance that the Examiner is going to ask this on the Private Pilot Check-ride. An examiner might even ask you this on a 135 Check-ride if you are flying EMS, "What are the three stages of a Thunderstorm?”

The answer is Cumulus, Mature and Dissipating. Commit those to memory so that you can always know it and any Check-ride that you have, BOOM, Cumulus, Mature and Dissipating.

Episode 145 Helicopter Check Ride Part 10 Flight Training Struggles
August 18, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
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Chapter 10: Helicopter Training Struggles

Helicopter Training Struggles

One of our members contacted me last night. She was all excited because she just got a 95% on her written test. I just flat out asked her, "How much do you think Online Ground School helped you on passing the written test?"

She said, "It helped a bunch. I would definitely recommend it for anybody else when working on his or her written test. There is so much information in there and a lot of it is stuff that you're going to see on the written."

A quote from two members that passed their Check-Ride:

"Hey Kenny,

Just wanted you to know that I passed my private add on. With your course, the Check-Ride was a breeze. Thank you very much for putting together a very unique program and providing support to all of this generation of pilots. Good work!"

Episode 144 Helicopter Check Ride Part 9 Tail Rotors Can Kill You
August 17, 2017 11:50 AM PDT
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Chapter 9: Safety Notice SN-17


If you are one of those people that think accidents only happen to the other person, I am here to tell you that is the wrong state of mind to have. They can happen to anybody! They can even happen on a beautiful day when everything is going exactly as planned.

This brings us to a very important topic I want to cover; never exit the helicopter with the engine running. One of our members just sent me an email today. He was upset, and said, "I just lost a friend and one of my instructors because he left the helicopter while the engine was running. Please teach your students to never leave the helicopter until the engine is out and the blades come to a full stop!"

Episode 143 Helicopter Check Ride Part 8 180 Autorotation Tips
August 14, 2017 02:00 PM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 8 180 Autorotation Tips

I got an email this morning from a customer who was requesting help with his 180’s. This is a common issue. The last two CFI members that just recently passed their check-rides, when they first contacted me for help with some of the ground stuff, the first thing that they said was, “Man, I'm really struggling with the 180 Autorotation.”

This is a very common question that I get a lot. The point is, these are two guys, two of our members that are going for their CFI's and struggling with the 180 Autorotation. Don't feel bad if you're going for your private or your commercial and you're struggling with the 180, a lot of people have trouble with this.

Episode 142 Helicopter Check Ride Part 7 Checklist Usage
August 13, 2017 02:00 PM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 7 Checklist Usage

Kenny: My take on this is; I am amazed at the amount of people that don't use them or skip them. Have I ever skipped a checklist? Yes, I have. Have I ever skipped it on a pre-flight? Yep. Have I ever skipped it on a start-up? Yep. Do I do it in general? No. You know, I've had those times when I'd gotten lax and then gotten bit by it because I didn't do it properly, and I tried skipping, and I've done it in a simple aircraft, and I've done it in a more complex aircraft.

You know, I was very “by-the-book” for a long time and then you get a thousand hours in a certain aircraft and, yeah, it's redundant, and I can tell you that when you decide to do it without a checklist, it can be one simple switch as a, you know, boost pump. Even though the lights are on, you do not see the lights on. You did a pre-takeoff check and you somehow did not catch that that boost pump was not on.

Every time I tried to do it, I would forget something. I have never had anything bad happen but I will forget something almost every single time. I've been through the cycle of being really good, and then I've played the game of getting a little lax, and then I've learned my lessons over doing stupid stuff, and now I'm back to, “Use the checklist every single time!”

Episode 141 Helicopter Check Ride Part 6 Student Failures
August 12, 2017 02:00 PM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 6 Student Failures

Chapter 6: Helicopter Check-Ride Student Failures

I want to share with you the three check-ride failures of students that I've had over the past 17 years. Out of the hundreds of people that I have sent for check-rides, I have only had three people fail on the first attempt. Here are three good tips to cover for Check-Ride prep on what I have seen trip these three people up.

The first example is my very first student that I sent for a Check-Ride anywhere, and it was in a Robinson helicopter. He was a Indiana State Trooper, an airplane CFI, and he was a really sharp individual and was really well-prepared. He got to the Check-Ride and he was busting through the oral stuff. He was doing great, and then the examiner asked him how to figure pressure altitude. He could not remember how to do it by hand, so he wanted to use a chart or use his fancy electronic flight computer. The examiner said, “No, you have to be able to figure out pressure altitude by hand.”

Episode 140 Helicopter Check Ride Part 5 Wire Strike Avoidance
August 11, 2017 05:00 AM PDT
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Helicopter Check Ride Part 5 Wire Strike Avoidance

Helicopter Check Ride: http://a.co/h5AvDjz

Helicopter Online Ground School https://www.helicopterground.com

Chapter 5: Wire Strike Avoidance

Always assume all towers and poles have wires. Wire strike avoidance is a big deal. Helicopters fly into wires, it happens. People get hurt, people are killed, wires are absolutely everywhere. We know this, we see them. It's not just towers, they are across rivers too. I have heard a lot of people say, “Ah, I like to go fly low along a river.” While it is a beautiful view, people string wires across rivers that are very hard to see.

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